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Live Streaming Funeral Services

Live streaming service from our funeral home in Pennsylvania  allows distant family or friends to be a part of these important rituals. Age-old traditions meet 21st-century technology in a way that helps families and friends heal together.

We understand the need for sensitivity and professional care during this national health emergency. As a way to bring people together and protect the public health, we are offering live-streaming of services during the COVID-19 pandemic at no cost.

Live stream service to bring friends and families together.

 A funeral or memorial service is all about bringing people together to heal, and in the 21st-century, that means including everyone -- no matter where they are in the world. We are proud to be able to live stream funeral services from our elegant garden room.

  • Live video capability lets your guests view your service in real-time, no matter their location.

  •  Your family has total control over who can view your service. Make it as public or as private as you wish by sending email invitations.

  •  Ready at a moment's notice. Our equipment is always on standby to accommodate any family and any kind of service.

  • Multiple cameras let your viewers choose the best view: whether it's time to focus on the speaker at the lectern, the crowd in the room, or live musicians.

Record your service for a lasting tribute.

  • Our live stream cameras can record your event, so those who aren't able to make it in person or view it live can still take part.

  • A recording lets you watch a service again. Replay a eulogy or a hear a song a second time. Families often say these once-in-a-lifetimes services go by in a blur because of the heavy emotions of the day. Recording your service gives guests the chance to revisit, reflect, and celebrate a life all over again on your own time when you're ready.

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