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A Celebration of Life Center

Funeral Services

We can help you create a memorable ceremony for your loved one.

Hospice Advocate Services

Recognizing that each person is unique with unique needs we strive to provide care which honors this uniqueness.

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Who We Are

We believe it is important to recognize that the selection of a particular type of service and merchandise, and for that matter, a service provider, entails more than reviewing a list of available items. Our belief is founded in the philosophy that each person we serve should be cared for in the manner in which we would wish to be cared for in the same situation.Recognizing that each person is unique with unique needs we strive to provide care which honors this uniqueness. We believe that our ability to provide care at all levels of need and do so with compassion and professionalism sets us apart from other caregivers in our profession.


Our Mission

With personalized, professional and dignified care that displays warmth and compassion, it is our commitment to provide families with exceptional and meaningful end-of-life services. We provide a comforting atmosphere where we offer gentle guidance and support as we strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve.


Our Vision

We aspire to be the life celebration center of choice for all families in our community, known for our compassion, integrity, creativity and value. We will set the standard for excellence in service quality by which other funeral businesses will measure themselves.



Personalized Funeral Service

A personalized funeral service is a special time for family and friends to comfort one another, begin to find healing and celebrate a life well lived. Crowning Services: Whether you choose burial or cremation, you can hold a funeral service personalized with a unique crowning service for your loved one.

Customized Memorials

Our Customized Memorial will be catered to everything your loved one enjoyed. We customized each memorial from the favorite color, music, movies and hobbies.  We can hold a memorial service at our funeral home, the final resting place or at your home.


A casket burial is a traditional service and there are many options you can choose from.  You can choose whether you’d like a public or private service or a combination.


Cremation has become a popular option for many people because it can be more flexible as to where and when you hold a service.  You can keep the urn, scatter the ashes or have the urn buried in a grave or columbarium where we can hold a service.

Life Celebrations

Our life celebrations can be held for a loved one terminally ill who wants to celebrate with their loved ones, one last time.  A life celebration can be held on a death anniversary or birthday of the deceased where life is celebrated and honored with love. Paradise Gardens will be cater to everything your loved valued.